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Current trends in kitchen remodeling projects
April 8, 2022 at 4:00 AM
J Schwartz Construction kitchen remodel

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to revamp your existing kitchen or want to flip a fixer-upper, it’s crucial to know the current trends in home design.

This knowledge is especially important when it comes to your kitchen.

Since everyone spends plenty of time in the kitchen, you want it to be a warm and welcoming place with lots of features and forward-facing design. Here at J Schwartz Construction, we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go over the years. But some trends for kitchen remodeling in Ardmore, PA are pretty exciting and are sure to improve your space while increasing the property value of your home.

Not sure what to do to remodel your kitchen? Need some ideas to make your kitchen look more modern? You’re not alone. And you don’t have to go it alone either! Here are some trends in kitchen remodeling projects everyone is sure to love.

Statement hood vents

While hood vents serve an important purpose for cooking, they don’t have to look bland or utilitarian. Find a bold hood vent to act as an accent piece in your kitchen with metals like copper and steel. You’ll be able to combine efficiency and aesthetics all in one.

Glass partitions

While open-concept designs have gained a lot of appeal over the years, sometimes it’s good to designate areas of your kitchen for cooking, dining and storage. A glass partition is a great way to separate different parts of the kitchen without losing any light. It also allows you to keep an eye on the action without having to leave the kitchen.

Adding a touch of vintage

Even though modern appliances and fixtures are all the rage, it’s good to have a bit of character and whimsey. And you can do this either by using decorations or accent spots in your design. Try adding some vintage pieces to your kitchen, like corbels or wood beams, to make your kitchen welcoming.

Mesh cabinets

Cabinets are integral to any kitchen. While some people love to have open kitchen storage, others like to hide things away. But closed cabinets can make the space look dark or small, and wood cabinets with glass panes may crack or break over time. Mesh cabinet doors hide your plates and dishes while still showing the depth of the cabinet.

Bold backsplashes

Subway tile is a classic backsplash, especially in the kitchen. However, if you want to get a bit inventive, try a bright, bold backsplash. Whether you pick a patterned tile or a solid color all the way across, you’re sure to spice things up with this relatively inexpensive update.

If you want to remodel your kitchen, there are plenty of ways to make your kitchen look elegant and updated without maxing out your budget. At J Schwartz Construction, we’d love to help you find the right fit for your kitchen, bathroom or any other remodeling project you may have.

Contact us today, and we’ll transform your kitchen in no time.