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Differences between general contractors and home builders in Montgomery County, PA
September 21, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Differences between general contractors and home builders in Montgomery County, PA

If you’re considering building a custom home, you want to make sure that you hire the right person for the job. Whether this means somebody who can oversee the entire project from the initial concept to the finishing work or the person you believe will give you the best price, it’s up to you. Although in your search for the right person, you might come across terms you’re not familiar with. Two of these could include general contractors versus home builders in Montgomery County, PA. With help from J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Home Building, you can learn the difference so you don’t have to worry about hiring the best person for your build.

General contractor

Oversees entire project

When it comes to building your home, your general contractor is going to help oversee the project from its initial inception through the very end. Part of this is going to be done by hiring out subcontractors to do the work for them, but they’re going to be the head person in charge. Think of your general contractor like the coach and the subcontractors as the team. They’re going to make sure everybody is doing their job correctly along the way so you have less to worry about.

Hires out subcontractors

General contractors are known for having a general knowledge of everything that goes into building your home. From the design to the materials to the execution of the project, they’re going to know what it takes to build a quality home. Subcontractors are going to be the experts in each aspect of the build. Your general contractor will hire out each aspect of the building process to ensure that your electrical system is done correctly, your HVAC system performs at a high level, and your flooring is installed to last for many years. Of course, your general contractor will continue to oversee the work to ensure that it’s all done properly.

Home builder


In contrast to a general contractor, a home builder specializes in building the home. General contractors might work on additional projects like landscaping, home additions, or other areas, but a home builder specifically builds homes for clients. This means that they’re going to have expert-level knowledge about executing current trends using specific materials for your home. They’re also going to be the one who is doing the hands-on work for your project.

Limited role in the project

While your home builder is going to be working directly on your home themselves, they’ll have a limited role in the final product. Most home builders don’t do initial design on a home, HVAC installation, or electrical work so you would need to find individual contractors to complete those for you. While a home builder can do a great job for you, they often do the work according to the plans without offering advice regarding certain aspects of the design. Additionally, a home builder might not go through the necessary steps to help you obtain building permits along the way so you’ll have to get those on your own.

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