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Increase your home value by remodeling your living room
February 5, 2023 at 4:00 PM
fine living remodeling

Not all home improvements are created equally. Some renovations will boost your home value when it’s time to sell or refinance, while others will just cost you significant time and money. However, one area of your home where a renovation is almost certain to yield impressive returns is the living room.

At J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Home Building, we specialize in fine living remodeling in Malvern, PA, and the surrounding areas. Let’s walk you through how remodeling your living room can boost your home’s value.

How Living Room Remodeling Can Increase The Equity Of Your Home

Remodeling the living room can increase the equity of a home by making the space more functional, attractive, and up-to-date.

The following are some of the ways in which a living room renovation can increase home equity:

Increased Functionality

The living room shouldn't just be a space to entertain guests. Remodeling the space can improve its functionality or at the very least, free up space. In terms of the project itself, adding built-in storage, creating an open floor plan, or updating lighting can make the living room more functional and usable, adding value to the home.

Updated Design

Remodeling your living room is a surefire to incorporate modern design elements into one of the most used spaces in your home. Projects such as installing new flooring, painting, and fixtures installations can make the living room feel fresh and appealing, increasing the home's value and standing out as a selling point to potential buyers.

Added Amenities

Adding new amenities and features to your living room, such as a fireplace, a home entertainment system, or a wet bar can make the living room a more desirable and attractive space, increasing the home's overall value. It’s all about owning the room and making sure it is as comfy as it can be for you and your loved ones at home.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Generally, home upgrades that involve improving energy efficiency tend to have good returns. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that of the $2,000 the average American spends on energy bills per year, up to $400 is being wasted due to inefficient living spaces. Updating windows, insulation, and HVAC systems can improve the house's energy efficiency, reducing utility costs and making it more attractive to buyers. Even something as simple as sealing air leaks can save up to 5% to 30% in energy per year.

Fine Living Remodeling Done Right

At J. Schwartz, LLC, our number one priority is quality whether you’re remodeling a single room or your entire home. We are a national award-winning remodeler and custom home builder. Led by architect and civil engineer Joe Schwartz, our team specializes in high-end home remodeling, renovations, and additions.

We offer a professional, tailored approach to fine living remodeling, making sure every project receives the high level of detail in planning and coordination that it needs to make our clients even more proud of their homes. For your convenience, we offer a complete design-build service, meaning from start to finish, we’re your only point of contact. You don’t have to worry about hiring an architect or home designer or even project manager. Our team’s got it all covered for you.

In addition to high-end remodeling and renovation services, J. Schwartz, LLC performs before-and-after energy audits and efficiency reports. This enables us to identify areas in your home where we can improve overall energy efficiency so you can save costs and enjoy a higher-value home.

Get in Touch

A well-planned and executed living room remodel can significantly increase the equity of a home. Let our team at J. Schwartz, LLC help make it happen for your home today. Call 610-644-6700 or fill out our contact form to discuss your home remodeling project in Malvern, PA.