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Benefits of Kitchen Renovations in Malvern Before the Holidays
October 10, 2022 at 10:00 PM
couple baking christmas holiday cookies and putting in the oven

The air is changing, leaves are turning, and that familiar anxiety starts creeping in. Instead of looking forward to food and festivities, you’re agonizing over holiday arrangements. Who will host Thanksgiving? Is cousin Barry bringing his newest girlfriend? There won't be enough chairs if he does. Are we traveling in December? Hosting would be a disaster, the drinks fridge isn’t working, and the kitchen cupboards are a mess. Can we stay home this year and host when we’ve finished the new kitchen?

There is a solution to this holiday headache. Doing kitchen renovations in Malvern before the year's end allows homeowners to take advantage of year-end appliance and hardware discounts, purpose build space in the kitchen for entertaining, and start the new year with a clean slate.

Well-Priced Luxury Kitchen Appliances in Autumn

Homeowners on the main line who are planning a high-end kitchen renovation know that quality matters. Premium design, work, materials, appliances, and finishes are worth the cost for a timeless, sustainable, beautifully done kitchen. While customers are happy to pay for quality, there is nothing wrong with finding deals on choice appliances. Scoping out end-of-the-year sales could mean securing a double oven, an extra entertaining dishwasher, a pull-out microwave, or a built-in wine fridge. Better yet, bundle your fall-time appliance purchases for even deeper discounts. By buying luxury appliances strategically, your budget is freed up for potentially unforeseen expenses in your kitchen renovation.

A Comfortable, Thoughtful Entertaining Space

Working in a well-designed, beautifully appointed kitchen is a treat. Having that kitchen in your own home is a dream! By doing Malvern-area kitchen renovations before the holiday season, homeowners can think purposefully about the changes they are making to their space. Do you want guests to sit around your island, or should the kitchen only be a working space? Where are the ovens in relation to the fridge? Can you fit a butler's pantry with a sink behind false cabinets? Perhaps even include a second dishwasher for when you entertain? Where is the entrance to the kitchen — does it help direct the flow of foot traffic to the area you want guests to end up? By planning and executing your kitchen renovation before the holidays, homeowners set themselves up for success, not just for holiday entertaining, but the new year as well.

Start the New Year Worry Free

Don’t slog through another winter waiting to build the kitchen of your dreams. Get ahead of your worries and start your planned kitchen renovation in the fall. By the time the holidays roll around, you will have the space, storage, and functionality to get through your holiday entertaining headache free. Even better, as work and school resume in January, you will be sitting with a finished kitchen. There will be no desperate balancing act between sorting out Q1 projects, new carpool schedules, and kitchen design meetings. Your new years “clean eating” program may survive to see February as you cook and meal prep in a gorgeous new kitchen! Most importantly, Malvern homeowners’ kitchen renovations will mean coming home every day to an updated, fresh, and welcoming space.

Begin End-of-year Kitchen Renovations in Malvern With

J. Schwartz Construction

Homeowners from Malvern to Overbrook can get a jump on holiday kitchen renovations with J. Schwartz Construction. Our knowledgeable team executes timeless residential remodels, additions, and renovations with care and quality. For more information about our premium building services, contact us today.