J. Schwartz LLC was titled the 2009 Contractor of the Year for this project by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI). The award is “In recognition of the performance of work of exceptional architectural merit, including the demonstration of outstanding workmanship, the selection and use of architecturally significant materials, the execution of superior design principles and the application of sound business and project management principles…”

The home was a small Cape Cod style home that was situated on an irreplaceably
beautiful lot. The homeowner decided to add to and renovate the home due to their love for the location. The home lacked in both space, and style and was not reflective of the homeowner’s character. There was extensive re-grading of the front yard required, and further excavation work necessary to remedy poor soil conditions prior to the start of the new construction.
Bluestone cascading steps lead from new front patio to the wood front door. The use of stone, stucco, and wood complement the Craftsman design that the home-owner and Architect envisioned.
The colors chosen for the exterior facades are all earth tones; this makes the home seem as if it is an extension of the landscape.
The new roof-lines all have deep overhangs and the existing ones were remodeled to match; this is not only an architecturally pleasing element, it also serves to shade the house and provide for better thermal efficiency.
The existing siding was all removed and the Stucco and Stone was applied. All of the exterior trim is composite and requires minimal maintenance. The deep soffits are all also composite beadboard. A new cascading Ipe (South American Mahogony) deck was installed, complete with an Exterior Media Room. The landscaping is complemented with a Koi pond.

The existing portions of the interior of the home was completely remodeled – these included the kitchen and family room. The rest of the home is either new or was extensively altered during the renovations. The home was tailored to the Craftsman style through use of the correct trim work, wood flooring, stair and handrail detailing. The kitchen was completely remodeled with custom cabinetry and counters.

The home also required extensive structural repair and soil remediation work.

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