This Project was started in January of 2008 and completed in August; it is currently being considered for the Home Builders Associations Pinnacle Award. The project included the necessary demolition of the existing house, all of the necessary landscaping, site-work, water remediation and construction of the new 9,500+ SF ENERGY STAR RATED home. All of this work was completed within the 8 month schedule – even with a very cold winter and issues with rock outcroppings within the excavation!

The home was designed by JFA Architecture, PC of Wyncote. It was designed to be reminiscent of a home that started as a farmhouse that was added to with tasteful additions over time. The house is wrapped in stone, not just "wallpapered” on the front façade, as is so often seen. The stone is used to anchor the house to its core, as well as to the ground. The rear porch lets the family enjoy the outdoors late into the Fall season. The use of stucco and fiber cement siding and flagstone complete the look of the low maintenance exterior.

The interior was designed around the young family that lives in the home. The “open-plan’” of the first floor allows for intimate family dinners, and great parties; it also has more formal space like the Library and the Dining Room – all of which are paneled and coffered.

In addition to the details that would be expected in a home of this caliber, there is a wonderful playroom, study and office on the second floor, and a great bonus room on the third floor.

The ENERGY STAR Rating well exceeded the requirements for such a rating. It was accomplished through used of Green Building products and some of the best insulation products available. The total electric and gas bill for this home for a very cold December 2008 was around $600.00!

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