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Reasons for Additions to Your Philadelphia, PA Home
September 19, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Thinking about remodeling your home? There are countless reasons to consider. Here are a few of the upsides to customized home additions in Philadelphia, PA. 

Add Premium Property

Finishing your basement or remodeling a closet are both worthy interior upgrades. Even so, an addition lets you choose exactly what you’re after as the best possible option. Whether you’re interested in maximizing natural lighting, reconfiguring a layout or expanding your usable space, a customized addition ticks all the boxes.

Go All Out

If you’re going to change your space, you might as well go all the way. Renovations and remodels take serious planning and patience, though they’re well worth the effort. Additions can change the entire look, feel and function of a home for a truly transformative outcome. If you’re thinking of a complete overhaul, expanding your space is likely your best bet.

Entertain More Often

Does limited space keep you from entertaining? An addition or room remodel could change that for the better. Opening up your wall allows for a larger dining area, professional kitchen or impressive pantry. Host parties for every occasion by adding more seats to the table.

Upgrade to Host

Single-family homes have a lot to offer, though guest rooms rarely make the cut. Adding onto your home could mean inviting friends and family over for a long weekend or an extended stay. If more is more, indulge your guests with a bedroom and en suite bathroom for a memorable visit. Making your loved ones feel welcome always tops the list!

Invite the Light

Does your home lack natural light? If so, a home addition might be the solution. Expanding your walls lets you choose sliding-glass doors, bay windows or floor-to-ceiling views. Other constructions could include skylights or balconies to highlight the outdoors. If natural lighting is limited, consider interior edits like an oversized chandelier, LED light strips or ambient lighting. Ask about our energy audits and efficiency reports for all things energy-related.

Embrace the Outdoors

If you don’t already, think about adding a porch to your home or expanding the existing space. Growing your indoor/outdoor space can add value in spring, summer or fall for casual gatherings or backyard barbecues. Choose from standard, sunroom or wrap-around porches for lazy weekend enjoyment.

Bathroom Beauty

Nothing says comfort like a luxurious modern bathroom! It may be time to step up your space with more square footage or a classic remodel. If you’re dreaming of a home spa experience, saunas or walk-in showers are top-tier features. Alternatively, celebrate small spaces with bespoke tile design or an upscale vanity.

Kitchen Constitution

Home is where the heart is, though the kitchen steals the show. Give yourself a prized yet practical upgrade with a complete kitchen renovation. Choose features like a breakfast bar, exposed shelves or a farmhouse sink for good measure. If efficiency is the objective, re-envision kitchen storage for a streamlined approach.

Spacious Storage

Do you dream of walk-in closets or ample pantry storage? A home addition lets you grow your collection in new and imaginative ways. Give your shoes room to breathe or an armoire for your outerwear. If kitchen organization helps you keep your family healthy and fed, a walk-in pantry could top your list. Ask about our storage recommendations for on-trend renovation ideas.

Final Thoughts

Adding onto your home is a big decision, so start by establishing your priorities. Whether you’re interested in gaining a guest room, expanding your kitchen or revamping your storage, we’ve got you covered! J. Schwartz, LLC has decades of experience in luxury home remodeling and renovations. Our home additions in Philadelphia, PA service towns on the Main Line. Reach out today for assistance.